The Spooktacular Spectacle: 2023 Lehigh Valley Halloween Parades

Hey there witches and warlocks!

Halloween is just around the corner, and if there’s one thing that gets my family and me excited, it’s the fantastic Halloween events and parades happening in our local communities. Every year, we’re blown away by the creativity and spooktacular spirit that fills the air as families come together to celebrate this thrilling holiday. But what truly steals the show are the jaw-dropping costumes and the mesmerizing floats in the parades.

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is attending the Bethlehem Halloween Parade.  The costumes are always a sight to behold, from cute little witches to daring superheroes. But it’s not just the kids who get in on the fun; adults in elaborate, handcrafted costumes also join in. As we cheer along the parade route, we’re amazed at the intricate details and sheer imagination that goes into each ensemble. And speaking of imagination, the floats are something out of a dream!  Hellertown and Nazareth, among others, have set the bar high with their spooky and enchanting float designs. It’s like stepping into a world of fantasy, and my family and I can’t wait to experience it all over again this year. Check out the parade schedule below and make sure to mark your calendars for a spine-tingling good time:

  • Bath: October 17th, 2 pm
  • Bethlehem: October 29th, 2 pm
  • Bangor: October 19th, 7 pm
  • Catasauqua: October 18th
  • Coopersburg: October 15th
  • Easton/Phillipsburg: October 29th, 3 pm
  • Emmaus: October 21st, 7 pm
  • Hellertown: October 22nd, 2 pm
  • Jack Frost (Northampton): October 19th, 7 pm
  • Macungie: October 29th, 7:15 pm
  • Nazareth: October 21st, 1 pm
  • Quakertown: October 22nd
  • Whitehall: October 26th, 7 pm

These Halloween parades are the perfect opportunity for families to come together, immerse themselves in the spirit of the season, and create lasting memories. So, grab your costumes and get ready to be spellbound by the magical world of Halloween!

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