Green Mango (Cát Bà Island)

Ha Long Bay

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Green Mango (Cát Bà Island)

On the seafront of Cát Bà Island is Green Mango, one of the most popular eateries in the area for travellers. From seafood and steaks all the way to pizza, pasta and burgers, the Green Mango also serves some signature dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine such as Green Curry or Pad Thai. This restaurant is also the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a cocktail or a sip of wine during your stay on the island.


Although the main attraction of Ha Long is undoubtedly its spectacular islands, there are a number of interesting eateries to try out on the mainland, offering some of the best gastronomy in the region. From internationally-oriented food joints that offer all manners of Western and Vietnamese-inspired meals to a more traditional choice of local seafood and noodles, you are sure to find something that agrees with your tastebuds.